Pakistani Village Life: Wheat Threshing Season

Living in cities, we often idealised rural life in Pakistan. Threshing is one of the most integral parts of rural life. In this article, we take you on a journey through the wheat threshing process and explore the culture and traditions associated with it.

What is Wheat Threshing?

Before we dive into the hype process, let’s understand what it really is.Wheat threshing is the process of separating wheat grain from chaff and chaff. This process is essential for the production of wheat flour, a staple food in Pakistan.

Wheat Harvesting Season

Wheat harvesting season in Pakistan usually starts from April and lasts till May. Farmers spend months growing crops and preparing them for harvest. Once the crops are grown, the farmers start threshing the wheat.Wheat threshing process in Pakistan is still done using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. 

Wheat Harvesting Season

Step-by-Step Description of The Process


wheat is to cut the chaff. Farmers harvest wheat from the root with a sickle.

Bundle The Wheat

After the wheat is harvested, the farmer bundles it into bundles. These balls are then placed in the sun for a few days.

Setting Up The Threshing Floor

Once the wheat has dried, the farmers set up the threshing floor. It is usually a flat surface made of dirt or concrete.

Spreading The Wheat on The Threshing Floor

The next step is to spread the sun-dried wheat on the threshing floor. Farmers spread wheat evenly on the ground with wooden pitchforks.

Threshing The Wheat

After spreading the wheat on the threshing floor, the farmer uses a threshing tool called a “maund” to separate the grains from the chaff and chaff.This is done by stirring the wheat with a maund until the kernels separate.

Winning The Wheat

After the wheat is threshed, farmers use an elevator basket to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is done by throwing the wheat in the air so that the wind blows away the chaff, leaving only the grain.

Harvest The Wheat

After the wheat is extracted, the grain is stored in bags for later use.

Importance Of Wheat Threshing in Pakistani Culture

Wheat threshing is not only a way of producing wheat flour, it is deeply rooted in Pakistani culture and traditions.In rural areas, threshing is a communal activity where neighbours gather to help each other harvest. This process is a way to strengthen the bonds between community members.


In summary, wheat threshing is an important part of rural life in Pakistan. It’s not just a way to produce wheat flour, it’s a way to bring communities together. The traditional method of threshing wheat has been passed down from generation to generation and it is essential to preserve this cultural heritage.

What is wheat threshing?

Threshing wheat consists in separating the grain of wheat from the chaff and chaff.

When does the wheat harvest start in Pakistan?

Wheat harvest season in Pakistan usually starts in April